Bakola-Bagyeli Pygmy children playing a drum
1. Open single-skin
cylindrical drum, played
by Bakola children.

Music and Dances

(musical instruments, musicians and dancers)

(BaKola Pygmies / BaGyeli Pygmies of Cameroon)
Photos, texts and audio recordings
by Luis Devin
.Luis Devin - Ai confini del gusto.
Soundscape: Bakola dance with choral song, single skin drum and
reed trunk used as a percussion tube (Bakola Pygmies of Cameroon).
Manufacturing of a single-skin cylindrical drum of the Bakola Pygmies
2. Fixing of an antelope skin,
during the final stage of the
making of a Bakola Pygmy
membranophone, in a semi-
sedentary camp in the
Cameroonian rainforest.
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Pygmy percussionist of a struck idiophone
3. Reed trunk used as
individual percussion
tube (idiophone struck
directly), played during
a night ritual dance.
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A Bakola-Bagyeli Pygmy child playing a struck idiophone
4. Bakola child learning
to play an individual
percussion tube,
by imitating the adults.
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Audio recording of a Bakola-Bagyeli Pygmy lamellophone
5. Audio recordings
of a pygmy lamellophone
(plucked idiophone in
board with laced-on
lamellae with resonator)
played by a Bakola boy.
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Young Pygmy girls dancing a participation dance
6. Night participation dance.
The author:
Music anthropologist and writer, he has carried out field research in central Africa, where he lived with the Baka Pygmies and other forest peoples, whose music, rituals and survival strategies he has been studying for more than a decade.

Bakola Pygmy music and dances, with photos and ethnographic notes (BaKola Pygmies / BaGyeli Pygmies of Cameroon).

Photos, texts and audio recordings by Luis Devin.
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The time in the tropical rainforests of the Western Congo Basin, where the BaKola-BaGyeli Pygmy people live, is 03:33. Every minute, at least 25 hectares (250.000 m²) of forest are destroyed around the world (source: WWF).

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